Premium Peel Transfer Ink - Tootie Fruity


  • Maximum coverage on dark fabrics with soft hand with the Premium Peel series
  • Easy release from the paper after transferring
  • The system includes a wide choice of inks including standard colors, fluorescents, metallics, four-color process, glitters, and printable adhesive.
  • All inks gel and transfer under the same conditions for maximum versatility.
  • Creamy viscosity.
  • Heavy metal-free.
  • Contains no solvents.
  • Consistent quality order after order.
  • Gallon
  • Quart

All Premium Peel inks are recommended to be printed through 40-260 monofilament mesh. For best results use 60-124 mesh depending on required opacity, hand, and detail.


All Premium Peel plastisol inks are designed to be transferred best under the following conditions: 350°F for 8-15 seconds or 375°F for 6-12 seconds at 40-50psi.

The recommended gelling temperature is 240-260°F.

NOTE: Be very careful not to over – or under – gel the transfers. The improper gel can result in a loss of opacity, poor release, and reduced shelf life.