B-Flex Gimme5 HTV - Sample Pack


12 – 12″x15″ Sheets of various Colors
Applies at 285F in 4 seconds.
True matte finish heat transfer vinyl with a sticky-backed carrier for easy cutting & weeding, even fine details!
Compatible with most fabrics. (We recommend cotton, poly or mixed)
High Resistance to washing and drying cycles.
Hot Peel.

GIMME5 EVO is B-FLEX’s flagship product. It is available in over 60 colors and made from Polyurethane. It can be heat applied to organic or synthetic fibers in just four seconds.

This product is easy to work with; the sticky polyester carrier allows for fast weeding and easy repositioning of details that might have accidentally been removed.

It is also soft and comfortable to wear, even with bulky designs.
Its thickness (80 microns) and its elasticity make GIMME5 EVO pleasant and soft on any garment, and ideal for multi-layer applications. GIMME5 EVO can withstand wash cycles up to 194°F.